One such event took place on the 23rd December 1940, when two HE111 aircraft managed to attack an assembling convoy mustered off the island of Lismore. One cargo vessel, The Breda sustained flooding damage and had to be beached in Ardnamucknish Bay.

The Breda just before she was sunk pictured here, foreground/Right.

The Breda subsequently slid off the underwater shelf on which it had been perched and sank. Its cargo included race horses, a pack of hounds, a monkey, 30 Tiger Moth aircraft, 3 Hawker Hind biplanes, assorted vehicles and footwear. Some of the animals managed to swim to safety although, one racehorse was shot by the local home guard unit when they thought it was a German airman coming out of the water in the dark.

A lot of the debris from The Breda was carried on the tide to just outside Oban Bay where it was to cause a further disaster on the evening of the 27th December that same year. A Sunderland of 210 Squadron which was being flown by a young Australian pilot, Ivor Megitt, was attempting a routine landing in the dark when it hit a horsebox floating in the water. The aircraft broke up in the icy seas just off Maiden Island. Only one of the 11 crew members on board that evening survived the freezing conditions.

The officers of 210 Squadron outside Dungallan House.

Ivor Meggitt is 5th from the right.

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