A fuel depot was left upon the island of Kerrera and exercises were commenced in June 1938 with a detached flight of number 209 Squadron which was operating the Supermarine Stranraer flying-boat.


A Supermarine Stranraer.

As the inevitability of war with Germany approached, the decision was made to develop Oban into an operational flying-boat base to provide forward air reconnaissance and escort duties for the projected convoy system between Great Britain and the New World. As in the first World War, it was anticipated that Germany would utilise its U-Boats to attack and neutralise the shipping convoys.

Accordingly, building works commenced on the aircraft servicing area, including a new slip and jetty, at Ardentrive Bay on the island of Kerrera.

Building works amongst peace-time yachts at Ardentrive

with No.10 Squadron RAAF Sunderland in 1940.


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